Germinated and dehulled hemp seed

Germinated and dehulled hemp seed

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Finnish shelled hemp seed is now also available ready-germinated!

The seeds are germinated under controlled conditions in a three-step process: first they are soaked, then germinated and finally dried. After this, the seeds are peeled. What remains is a soft nutty-flavored kernel, which is very nutritious in an easily digestible form.

From the sprouted shelled hemp seed your body can use the nutrients better than from traditional seeds. In the germination process, some of the protective substances of the seed are removed, and thus the absorption of nutrients is better and the product is more stomach-friendly at the same time.

Let's say that:

  • The germination of the seed, i.e. its activation, makes the seeds many times more effective
  • Germination breaks down the seed's protein stores, so it forms smaller molecules, and thus the solubility of the proteins improves. Thus, the protein's amino acids are more easily utilized in metabolism
  • The nutrients are in a more absorbable form
  • Sprouting makes the inside of the seed softer, the shell more crunchy and overall sweeter in taste

Hemp seed with an almost perfect nutritional content does not deserve the superfood title for nothing. Hemp seeds are an excellent source of protein, containing all 8 essential amino acids for our body and 12 other amino acids.

In addition, it contains only good vegetable oils, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in a perfect ratio of 1:3 for humans. Hemp seed is also one of the few seeds that contains gamma linolenic acid (GLA) 4% and stearidonic acid (SDA) 2%, which are very valuable for the human body.

The seed also contains plenty of vitamin E and magnesium.

Taste: Smooth and sweet, nutty,

Usage: As is for snacking, cooking e.g. soups, salads, porridges. Prepare your own hemp milk and milk-based dough base easily. (1 part shelled seed, 3 parts water and in a blender to mix for a while on full blast. 

Very good raw material for a ketogenic diet due to its very low amount of carbohydrates.


Energy: 2546 kJ / 615 kcal
Fat: 53.9 g
saturated: 4.7 g
monounsaturated: 5.2 g
polyunsaturated: 41, 4 g
Omega 3: 11.2 g
Omega 6: 30.1 g
Carbohydrates: 0.67 g
of which sugar: 0.67 g
Protein: 30.4 g
Salt: 0.01 g
Dietary fiber: 3.9 g
Glucose: 0.04 g
Fructose 0.06 g
Sucrose 0.51 g
Lactose < 0, 04 g

Cultivated and processed in Finland by small farmers.

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