Resin cream 35ml

Resin cream 35ml

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HamppuFarm's therapeutic cream containing Hemp oil and made with Ranua for skin inflammations and breaks.

Hempaatinen's resin ointment speeds up the healing of wounds thanks to its antimicrobial properties. Go for a wide range of skin problems, from burns to warts and psoriasis. The resin cream is suitable for everyday use on the whole body, from baby to toddler.

Hempathic Resin Cream is a compact but very versatile all-rounder of domestic natural cosmetics, which is easy to carry with you on vacations and nature trips. Naturally pure and wild raw materials give the cream repairing, protective and moisturizing properties.

  • Resin - antiseptic, soothing and repairing resin for skin problems relieves inflammation and supports the repair of skin breaks.
  • Mesianervo - strengthens and controls the bacterial population of the skin.
  • Hemp oil - moisturizes and nourishes sensitive skin.
  • Beeswax - makes the product rich and supports the synergy of other ingredients.

The wild-growing ingredients of pitch cream are sustainably collected while respecting Finnish nature. The power of each product is based on carefully considered combinations of raw materials, which are based on Finnish hemp oil.

100% natural and safe: no hidden ingredients. For external use only.

Store in a dry and cool place (at room temperature).

Ingredients: Hemp seed oil*, spruce resin*, olive oil*, beeswax*, honeysuckle*

* organic

Natural raw materials are 100% Finnish.

Note. The product is not suitable for people allergic to natural resin.

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