Rönni's Hampusalva

Rönni's Hampusalva

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Spruce pitch has been used for hundreds of years in Finnish folk healing. Pihkasalva is a real all-rounder for a wide variety of ailments.

  • 100% Finnish natural product

  • Effective for supporting the healing of the most diverse skin damage.

  • The resin salve is absorbed and leaves a pleasant scent. Add 1-3 times a day and cover with a protective bandage as needed.

The active raw material of resin products is pure Lapland spruce resin collected by local natural product entrepreneurs. Hemp oil is cold-pressed oil from hemp seeds grown in Finland without additives or pesticides, which contains important fatty acids, valuable gamma-linolenic acid and plenty of vitamin E, which is important for the skin. Beeswax is domestic organic or cosmetic quality.

Animal care products are 100% natural products and are FI-Natura certified natural cosmetics.

Resin products are not suitable for people with resin allergies.

A really sufficient super cream for dry hands! Gently moisturizes dry and atopic skin. Does not contain preservatives, composition modifiers or petrochemical products.

INCI: Hemp seed oil, cocos nucifera oil, Gardenia tahitensis flower extract, Argania spinosa oil, Simmondsia chinensis oil, Camelia oleifera oil, cera flava, vitamin E. 25 ml

Rönni's hemp salve experiences:

  • My job is to cook and my hands are tested. Wounds appear and hands dry from washing and handling different raw materials. During the Corona period, I have noticed that my hands are drying out even more. I've had bad atopic dermatitis on my hands from time to time. I use the hemp salve in the evenings when my hands are particularly sore. In the morning, my hands feel soft again and ready for the day's challenges. Prisca Leclerc Chef/Food Editor

  • I have noticed that hemp salve works best for me in the treatment of clay-dried cuticles, runny nose and calluses on the lips. I have gotten the best effect by applying the cream overnight to the area that needs treatment. In the morning, the skin feels intact and healthy again. This is where I wonder most about the effectiveness of the cream, how it takes care of its job in just one night and relieves minor skin problems! Leena Kouhia Keramikko

  • The salve does not sting and also cares for the child's skin. We used the salve in the evening, so after lubrication we put on soft cotton clothes over the lubricated skin, because the salve takes some time to absorb. The skin liked the cream. Child family 1

  • The salve for dry hands is very effective and didn't leave it oily! Really enough, one small box lasted a really long time! 3 people in the family got help: For really dry hands and calloused feet. For plump lips. As a massage oil when you run out of your own oil in the middle of a massage. Really enough, a nail tip was enough for the whole back! Family with children 2

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