Heppahampu™ nutritional squeeze 6kg

Heppahampu™ nutritional squeeze 6kg

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NOTE: The PRODUCT is the same as the old Food Pellet, but the appearance of the product is chip-like, no longer pellet-like.

Kotimainen HeppaHampun Nutritional Press is an ideal protein supplement for domestic animals that require genuine food containing natural ingredients and want to take care of their muscles.

Hemp squeeze contains a highly absorbable and high-quality hemp seed protein composition. It is thus well suited to the diet of active horses, giving the muscles the necessary building materials. At the same time, the hemp pellet offers nutrient-rich oil, stomach-friendly and balancing fiber, abundant minerals and versatile vitamins. Hemp contains almost no sugar/starch, so it is also suitable as food for horses and ponies that are sensitive to hoof fever. This product does not need to be soaked or swollen before use.

Dosing according to the horse's activity: 1 dl - 5 dl. 1dl = about 80g.

Nutrients (100g): Protein 32g (SRV 241), Fat 12g, carbohydrates 2.3g and Fiber 40g. Annealing residue 6.9g. Trace elements: Ca 1.8 g/kg, Fe 150 mg/kg, K 9.7 g/kg, Mg 5.6 g/kg, Mn 119 mg/kg, Na 22 mg/kg, P 12 g/kg, Cu 25 mg/kg, Zn 81 mg/kg. Contains: E, A, B6, B3, B2, B1, C vitamins

Storage: Sealed in a dry place, protected from the sun and preferably in a cool place.

Note. Hemp products have been found to contain small amounts of cannabinoids, which are on the list of prohibited medicinal substances by Hippos and FEI. Hemp products are not recommended for racing horses or are recommended for 4 days. caution time.

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