Murtolan HamppuFarmi Oy - Who we are

Murtolan HamppuFarmi Oy is located in connection with the Murtola organic crop farm In southwestern Finland in the municipality of Marttila. Hurt is grown on Murtola's organic farm as the main breeding ground, and in addition to this, there are peas, oats, malting barley and clover in the cultivation cycle.


Interest in hemp cultivation began in 2013, when Turku University of Applied Sciences' useful hemp ( ) asked about interest in experimenting with bee pollination in a hemp field. The idea was to get hemp honey and research data for a useful hemp project. Hemp honey was not obtained, but the interest in cultivating oil hemp still remained, although there was much to learn with the new plant species in the beginning. In 2014, a new production building was completed, where we are able to process and package hemp seed products in accordance with regulations.


Today, Murtolan HamppuFarmi Oy buys oil hemp farmers from all over Finland for processing and makes annual cultivation agreements. Our products are sold in well-stocked grocery stores around the country, as well as in Estonia, Sweden and the Netherlands. Our products are used by both consumers, processors, cosmetics industry. And our products are available in many different stages and sizes.

Our company employs four people.


HamppuFarm's mission is to produce as clean, high-quality, ecological, Finnish and nutritious oilseed hemp products as possible for customers.


If you have anything to tell us. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone. It has to do with anything, (product development, advertising, products, resale, work, etc.)