<transcy>Feed hemp for domestic animals / birds</transcy>

Feed hemp for domestic animals / birds

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Great for skin problem horses as a dietary supplement, as well as stomach problem and support / musculoskeletal care.

Pamperes the stomach - Takes care of the skin and hair - Helps the joints - Improves general condition

The product is also suitable for birds as a winter food.

The domestic HempFarm's HeppaHemp is, for example, a nutritional supplement for your horse, which, among other things, contains a very well-absorbed and high-quality hemp seed protein composition. At the same time, hemp seed provides a nutritious oil, stomach-friendly / balanced fiber, rich minerals and rich vitamins. Hemp contains almost no sugar / starch, making it well-suited for horses and ponies susceptible to foot-and-mouth disease. Ideal for horses with skin problems as a dietary supplement as well as support and musculoskeletal care.

Dosage: Horses 0.5 dl - 6 dl. Depending on the size and activity of the horse. Ponit 0.5 - 1 dl. Can be given as is or mixed with other foods. Hemp seed does not require soaking and does not form a gel.

Weight: 55 - 60g / dl

Contain: 100% Finnish oil hemp seed

Preservation : Dry, protected from the sun and preferably in a cool place.

Feed analysis: Dry matter: 91.8%, Ash: 5.03%, Moisture: 8.2% Protein: 21.8%, Carbohydrate: 33%, Crude fiber: 27% Fat: 32%, Calcium (Ca): 1.4 g / kg, Iron (Fe): 120 mg / kg Potassium (K): 7.6 g / kg, Magnesium (Mg): 4.2 g / kg Manganese (Mn): 91 mg / kg, Sodium (Na): 21 mg / kg Phosphorus (P): 9 g / kg, Copper (Cu): 18 mg / kg Zinc (Zn): 60 mg / kg

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