Käpälävää's hemp oil
Käpälävää's hemp oil
Käpälävää's hemp oil
Käpälävää's hemp oil
Käpälävää's hemp oil
Käpälävää's hemp oil

Käpälävää's hemp oil

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Natural food supplement for dogs, cats and rodents to treat skin problems and fur and to maintain the well-being of the musculoskeletal system. Hemp oil has been found to effectively reduce skin itching and scaling, as well as improve the well-being of the skin and the shine of the coat due to its abundant natural linolenic acid. Hemp oil is one of the few oils that contain this nutrient rich and important fatty acid for the body.

Hemp seed oil naturally contains:
- Plenty of essential omega fatty acids (3, 6 and 9) in the right ratio (1:3).
- Rare and especially valuable gamma-linolenic acid ( GLA) and stearidonic acid
(SDA). GLA regulates the activity of anti-inflammatory substances that work inside the cell.
GLA is an important fatty acid in your pet's diet, as it also affects
the excessive secretion of mucus that protects the digestive organs and thus prevents stomach problems.
- Plenty of vitamin E, which protects the body.
- High-quality hemp oil contains antioxidants and helps reduce
carbohydrate levels in the muscles.

Ingredients: 100% Finnish cold-pressed hemp seed oil.
No additives. Hemp is grown without plant protection agents.

Dosing recommendation:
Cats: Either 0.5 teaspoon daily or 1 teaspoon three times a week.
Dogs: For medium-sized dogs, 1 tablespoon every other day.
Rodents: 0.5 tsp/kg three times a week.
Keep opened in a cool place. Protect from direct light.

Jar: metal collection.
Cap: plastic waste

Nutritional content / Näringsvärde /100 g

Energy / Energi 3629 kJ/882 kcal
Fat / Fett 96.6 g
- of which saturated / reserve saturates 8.7 g
- of which monounsaturated / reserve angel saturates 8.4 g
- of which polyunsaturated / varv fleromättade 74.9 g
Carbohydrates / Kolhydrater 3.5 g
- of which sugars / varav sockerarter 0 g
Omega-3 20.7 g
Omega-6 54.2 g
Vitamin E / Vitamin E 80.6 mg
Linoleic acid / Linolsyra 54.5 g
Gammalinolenic acid / Gammalinolenic acid (GLA) 4.2 g
Stearidonic acid / Stearidonsyra (SDA) 1.8 g
Alpha-linolenic acid / Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) 20.6 ga

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