ORGANIC Hemp seed bulk

ORGANIC Hemp seed bulk

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Finnish ORGANIC hemp seed is one of the most nutritious seeds in the plant kingdom. The seed contains proteins, omegas, fibers and minerals in the right proportions. It is easy to use, because the seed is suitable for use as a supplement for almost anything, according to your imagination. Very good raw material for a ketogenic diet due to its very low amount of carbohydrates.

Taste: crunchy fibrous skin, soft nutty interior.

Hemp seed contains all eight amino acids necessary for our body, as well as 12 other amino acids. Hemp seed also contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the perfect ratio for humans (1:3). It is also one of the few seeds with leafy greens and valuable gammalinolenic acid (GLA) 4% and stearidonic acid (SDA) 2%. The seed also contains three times more vitamin E than flaxseed.

The taste of hemp seeds is slightly nutty. The seeds are good for snacking on their own or lightly roasted in a pan. They can also be used for porridge, smoothies, yogurt, salad, food preparation and baking. You can also spawn them if you want.

Protein: 23%, fiber: 32%, fats 35%, carbohydrates 1.27%

Usage: For outdoor swimming, baking/cooking, soups, salads, porridges, smoothie drinks, recovery drinks after sports performances, etc.

Organic certified

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