Feed hemp for domestic animals / birds

Feed hemp for domestic animals / birds

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Soothes the stomach - Takes care of the skin and hair - Helps the joints - Improves general health

The product is also suitable as winter food for birds.

Kotimainen HamppuFarm's HeppaHamppu is, for example, a food supplement for your horse, which, among other things, contains a very well-absorbed and high-quality hemp seed protein composition. At the same time, hemp seed offers nutrient-rich oil, stomach-friendly / balanced fiber, abundant minerals and versatile vitamins. Hemp contains almost no sugar/starch, so it is well suited as food for horses and ponies sensitive to hoof fever. Perfectly suitable for horses with skin problems as a nutritional supplement and for supporting and treating the locomotor system.

Dosage: Horses 0.5 dl - 6 dl. Depending on the size and activity of the horse. Ponies 0.5 - 1 dl. Can be given as is or mixed with other food. Hemp seed does not require soaking, and does not form a gel.

Weight: 55 - 60g/dl

Contains: 100% Finnish hemp seed oil

Storage: Dry, protected from the sun and preferably in a cool place.

Forage analysis: Dry matter: 91.8%, Ash: 5.03%, Moisture: 8.2% Protein: 21.8%, Carbohydrate: 33%, Crude fiber: 27% Fat: 32 %, Calcium (Ca): 1.4 g/kg, Iron (Fe): 120 mg/kg Potassium (K): 7.6 g/kg, Magnesium (Mg): 4.2 g/kg Manganese (Mn) : 91 mg/kg, Sodium (Na): 21 mg/kg Phosphorus (P): 9 g/kg, Copper (Cu): 18 mg/kg Zinc (Zn): 60 mg/kg

Note. Hemp products have been found to contain small amounts of cannabinoids, which are on the list of prohibited medicinal substances by Hippos and FEI. Hemp products are not recommended for racing horses or are recommended for 4 days. caution time.

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