Blue & Red Hemp Groat MIX 350g

Blue & Red Hemp Groat MIX 350g

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Now fresh and soft tasting HampuRouhetta with blue or red berries. Contains almost more good ingredients directly from Finnish nature.

Using is very easy. You add grits to e.g. smoothies, porridges, desserts, baking, etc

Production/cultivation country: FINLAND
Ingredients Blue mix: Hemp powder, blueberry, blackberry and aronia berry. NO added sugar or salt.
Ingredients Red mix: Hemp powder, lingonberry, red currant, cranberry. NO added sugar or salt.

Only nature's own ingredients, aromas and sweetness.

1 dl = approx. 2.6 dl fresh berries

29g protein / 100g, 39g fibers / 100g

A tablespoon weighs about 10g. A tablespoon contains about: 3g of protein, about 4g of fiber and 0.4 dl of fresh berries.

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