Cacio e Pepe e Canepa! Roman classic pasta with hemp

Cacio e Pepe e Canepa! Roomalainen klassikko pasta hampulla
Comfort food!
At these times, when the snow comes to the house and Korona is punishing, it is a particularly good reason to eat well. And look at old souvenirs from Italy.
Cacio e Pepe. Roman classic pasta. It is very simple and quick to prepare. Now we only add peeled hemp seeds to it. Thus, this dish could have been named Cacio e Pepe e Canepa!
This dish only comes with pasta, usually spaghetti. Pasta broth, roasted black pepper and plenty of Pecorino cheese. Some recipes also include olive oil or butter.
Instructions in captions. A glass of red wine on the side and sleep comes pretty quickly!
Cacio e Pepe is very simple and quick to prepare:

For two:
* 200 g spaghetti
* 150 g grated Pecorino cheese
* 2 - 3 tbsp black peppercorns
* 2 a ladleful of spaghetti cooking broth
* a drop of olive oil or 25 g of butter
* Shelled hemp seeds n half a teaspoon

While the spaghetti is boiling, toast the ground black pepper in oil or butter in a pan.
Add the hemp seeds and toast lightly , don't burn them.

Pour a ladleful of hot spaghetti broth into the pan. Pour another ladleful of broth into the cheese and mix.

Mix the spaghetti with the broth and mix in the cheese mixture. A pasta pot or wok pan is best for this, tongs for mixing.
Let it cook for a while, as long as the liquid is absorbed into the pasta.

Taste the salt and add more if necessary. Serve immediately.
There should be plenty of cheese.
Grate the Pecorino cheese ready to hand.
You can add, for example, cherry tomatoes and avocado if you want!

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