Väinämöinen's fiery hemp pike

Väinämöisen tulinen hamppuhauki

"Steady old Väinämöinen, a knower of age, who will come to the last inch, weave a seine cloth for his guesses, to row a satahine"

Kalevala's day and the day of Finnish culture is Sunday 28.2.
In Kalevala's poem 48, a cloth is mentioned, i.e. hemp.

If you don't have time to familiarize yourself with the Kalevala, I'll summarize a little in modern Finnish: So this is according to Hamppufarmi's interpretation.

- A big fish had swallowed the fire. It had to be saved, of course. Väinämöinen and his friends grew hemp, picked it, spun it. And they wove a seine. The fish came up, but it took a long time to bring up that particular fish. Fire was also found there in the pike's stomach, inside many fish. That evil escaped and burned at least half of Northland. And did a lot of other damage until it was tamed..

Instructions for four. Preparation time 1 hour.

* 500 g pike fillet
* chili powder, black pepper, grated lemon peel, dill, salt.
* 1.5 dl whipped cream
* for breading: Shelled hemp seeds and breadcrumbs
* butter and oil for frying

Do this: Cut the pike fillets into cubes. Season them and keep cold. Grind the pike with a meat grinder or in a blender. Stir in the cold cream. Bake into patties, roll the hemp seed in the breadcrumb mixture and fry in butter in a pan. Finish cooking in a hot oven for ten minutes.

Serve with browned horseradish sauce and steamed Brussels sprouts. Mashed potatoes on the side if you feel like it! ☺️👍

Kalevala has an ancient folklore behind it. Poem 48 mentions a hemp net used for catching pike. The FIRE had disappeared into its great fold.

 Cut the haukilife into cubes and season.

 Stir and leave to season for a few hours.

 Grind finely or use a blender.

 Cold cream mixed in. Keep all ingredients cold.

Baking mass. It will be quite soft. Not like meatball dough, but looser.

Pat into patties or buns in the breadcrumbs - peeled hemp seed mixture.

 Fry in butter and oil. First quickly color the surface in a pan and then in a hot oven for ten minutes.

 Brown butter into which you grate fresh horseradish. Steamed brussels sprouts with cumin and the addition familiar from the Viennese slice, a slice of lemon with capers and anchovies, why not!

Prefer domestic fresh fish !

Kalevala Day and Finnish Culture Day 28.2

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